Main House Comments

Being more of an old-fashioned type proprietor, I am more inclined to value the handwritten word than the higher tech versions.  The guests themselves have written all these comments in the black book on the table.  I have not changed anything—just transcribed them here for you all to view.  —Asha Lela

“You have a lovely home!  What an abundance of love went into the design and building of it.  So tangible!  How delightful the lovely surprises found in every nook.  You are a fabulous hostess- thinking of every possible need.  My husband and I were honored to be recipients of your splendid generousity.” —Dot and Scott- Colony, TX. August 2014

“Thank you Asha for sharing your lovely home with us- we relaxed and so well in the upstairs room above the stairs.” —Jon and Christy- Austin, TX. August 2014

“We  had a wonderful time.  Thanks for all your tips.  WE didn’t make it to all of the walks so I guess we will have to come back.  Loved your place.  We were honored to have been able to stay here.” —Vicki, Steamboat Springs, CO. July 2014

“Thanks much.  This was a great location,  Loved the quietness.  It was great being so close to Shark Reef.  We enjoyed being on the island.  Biking and exploring the many beaches and getting a break from the Eastern WA. summer heat.” —Joel, Chris, Abigail – Spokane, WA. July 2014

“Leaving this lovely place.  Hope to return.  Had a peaceful stay.  Enjoyed the piano.  Went to Shark Reef for sunsets.” —Jim, Los Angeles, CA. July 2014

“Thank you for sharing your unique little hideaway with us.  The view is beautiful and the quiet  serenity is Blissful.  Our favorite room is the upstairs bedroom  The ocean view  and the stars at night were both gorgeous.” —Terry and Sandy – Craigmont, Idaho. June 2014

“Our group of girls from California and Washington had an amazing weekend of feeding our souls with laughter, delicious local food and wine.  The trees, ocean and wildlife of this lovely island helped us all feel more calm and centered and ready to go back to take on the real world.  This beautiful house had us all feeling at home and comfortable right away.  Thank you for sharing this little piece of the world with this group of girls.” —Natalie, Heather, Brooks, Holly, and Amber. August 2013

“Thank you so much for the use of your lovely home.  Loved it and the island.” —Jill and Rick  -Loreto, Baja Mexico. August 2013

“Thanks so much for the restful spot.  Sometimes life really is all about the view and we appreciate you sharing yours with us.” —Scott, Todd & Jadyn – Spokane, WA. August 2013

“This was a wonderful little escape for us.  Thank you for the use of your beautiful, quirky home.  We especially loved the bridge and the magnificent views from all the windows.  The sun is rising, the coffee is brewing, the air is sweet and we don’t want to leave.” —Tara & Co., Spokane, WA.  August 2013

“Thank you for sharing your sanctuary with our family.  Discovering all the unique loving corners of your house was absolutely delightful.  Blessings to you.”  —Rick& Julia, Mercer Island, WA.  August 2013

“Thanks so much for sharing your blissful retreat!  We were here to celebrate our son’s wedding, and the chaos and work of that grand party let us even more appreciative of this place of solace.” —David & Janet , Clackamas, OR.  August 2013

“Thanks for sharing your unique home on the beautiful isle of Lopez.  We really enjoyed our visit to the island and the many beautiful sites it offers.” —Elizabeth & Arnold, Connecticut. July 2013

“Thank you for sharing your peaceful retreat in the woods with us.  The seclusion (except from the deer) and the ocean view are just what we were looking for.  We enjoyed exploring Lopez Island, especially with the hiking tips you gave us.  Congratulations on being part of making the San Juan National Monument a reality.  This will be a lasting legacy for generations to come.” —Dick & Tine, Evergreen, Colorado, July 2013

“We wake to dappled golden light and the experience of Davis Bay in the distance.  Days were filled with explorations, hiking and wonderful contemplation and quiet time with our Seattle based daughter. Your home and the comfortable Lopez “attitude” made the time here very special.  I shall long remember the bark of seals, the bear-like growls of the sea lions,the rocky cliffs and the breezy beach walks.  Thank you for opening Ravens Rook and for a few days, making it our home too.”  —Earl & Nancy, Camden, South Carolina, September 2012

“Your home is the actual sanctuary at Shark Reef Sanctuary. But your orientation to the island really was the thing that made our visit so enchanting.  Thank you.” —Hamilton & Carol, Yakima, WA. and Mary & Lee, Lovelace CO , August 2012