Guest Cabin Comments

Being more of an old-fashioned type proprietor, I am more inclined to value the handwritten word than the higher tech versions.  The guests themselves have written all these comments in the black book on the table.  I have not changed anything—just transcribed them here for you all to view. There have been five journals dating back to 1998 filled with guest comments, art, and poetry. At the beginning of each journal I say, “It would be wonderful to have your comments, elucidations, salutations, and creativity as an ongoing collection of the community of those who have stayed at Ravens Rook.”  Below are some of the latest.  Enjoy!   —Asha Lela

“Asha, Thanks so much- for many things- your cabin, of course. The light streaming through the many windows while feeling like we’re tucked in under a quilt of evergreens.”  —Beth, Denver CO  8-28-14

“August Sun Bright
Through Trees and Skylight at Ravens Rook
We are in love! And already look forward to our next visit..hopefully long before next summer. Thank you for making summers end so sweet.” —Richard, Sherie, & Max, Bainbridge Is, WA  8-24-14

“Everything was perfect! I feel like we’ve been looking for Ravens Rook for years. We hope to visit again next year. Thank you.” —David, Dana, Owen, & Finn, Portland, OR  8-20-14

“We enjoyed our time in char charming place- impressed that you buiit it yourself. One of the best things was looking up at the night sky through the trees before falling asleep.” —Nigel, Sonia, & Paul, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  8-11-14

“We loved it here! WE would like to stay another week or two, or three, or… Thank you for sharing your home with us. WE would love to return in the future- for a longer stay of course!” —Josie &Leif, Portland, OR.   8-7-14

“You’ve done a beautiful thing here in the woods- such a wonderful respite from the hustle bustle of the city life.” —Ed &Jane, Glendale, AZ.   8-4-14

“We have enjoyed these days in peace and tranquility with the whisper of the forest. WE had the privilege of the sight of the ocean and the singing of the birds.   We loved the amazing skylights, being with the trees and the stars. Thanks to our host, Asha, for all her recommendations and all the friendly people on Lopez Island. We hope to come again.” —Amucua, Armandeo, Susana, & Paul, Cuba, Mexico, Portland, OR  7-22-14

“So calm and peaceful. Enjoyed quiet evenings of sitting outside and playing games ( no electronics Only heard the sound of nature.” —Sherrie & Jennifer, Rockwall, TX   7-17-14

“Thank you for such lovely and attentively appointed accommodations-truly the jewel in the crown of Lopez island. Our first visit, and what a realization! The San Juans’ lush verdant landscape-—such a welcome break from the parched browns and grays of the Bay Area—our home. We got a taste of the true wealth and beauty of the Islands and we will be back as soon as we can.” —Jeffrey & Leslie, Berkeley, CA  7-3-14

“We had a wonderful time here on Lopez! We spent every evening out on Shark Reef— we couldn’t get enough of its beauty. The air here is amazingly clean, fresh, and sweet smelling….Thank you for your great suggestions, and providing bikes with the cabin. The cabin is beautifully built- I love all the artistic touches!” —Alicia & Sanino, Seattle6-27-2014

“Thank you Asha. Your cabin is beautiful, and cozy, and fun. We love the style, and the setting, and the thoughtful way you laid it out. We had lots of fun exploring your island, especially the special places you pointed out. Our absolute favorite though, was right in your back yard- Shark Reef. We definitely will come back, probably next summer. Thank you for being such a helpful host, and for helping to preserve and share such a wonderful place.” —Taylor &Lawrence, Bisbee, AZ   6-10-2014

“Thank you for letting me stay at the cabin. I had a great time. The cabin was exactly what I was looking for and I think it is in the best location on the island in such close proximity to Shark Reef Sanctuary.” —Chris, Portland. OR  5-24-2014

“Asha Lela, What a wonderful rustic cabin tucked in the woods! We enjoyed our quiet retreat away from the city with close access to some of the best of Lopez. We were thrilled to discover how close Shark Reef park was and went there every morning. We’ve stayed in a few rustic cabins, but yours tells a creative story. My favorite incorporation of nature and life in your cabin were the fieldstone shower, skylight windows to trees, birds, and stars, the re-purposed door to the bathroom and the family growth chart on the center beam. Thanks again for sharing your home with us.” — Jessica, Matt, & Gaines, Portland  OR 5-15-2014

“Asha, Thank you so much for letting us stay in your darling cabin. What a treat! WE look forward to introducing Raven’s Rook to friends a, and coming back for more memories and adventures.” —Bryce & Tatem, Seattle 4-9-2014

“Asha, We loved it here. Thanks for everything. We will recommend it our friends. You are a great hostess.” —Becky & Beatrice, Seattle   4-22-2014

“Had a wonderful and relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle.  You have a very sacred space which is lovely for people to experience and take in the true meaning of being in the wilderness.” —Sophie & Jason, Belltown, WA, Jan. 2014

“Thank you for this wonderful experience.  Lopez is a place of great healing and great happiness.  The cabin at Ravens Rook made for the perfect magical jumping off point for every day we were here.  Sleeping under the full moon and stars was simply a wonderful bonus.”  —Michelle, Seattle, Nov 2013

“This was a real treat!  Thanks for providing such a peaceful place to de-stress.” — Rachel, Newton, MA.  Nov. 2013

“Cabin and light through the trees were wonderful!  Loved waking to the trees and being able to hear the voices of the elephant seals out on the rocks.  Thank you for letting others experiences this lovely place.  We give it our SEAL of APPROVAL.” —Michael & Edi, Illinois, Sept. 2013

“Thank you so much for a wonderful stay at Ravens Rook.  We loved the view of the trees from the loft and the walk/view at Shark Reef. You’ve built a blessed place here- thanks for sharing it.  Hope to come back soon. P.S.  The seals were great entertainment.” —Jeanne & Lance, Michigan Aug 2013

“We have enjoyed our stay at your unique and wonderful cabin.  It’s an enchanting setting and a peaceful refuge.”  —Tom & Nan, Ashland, OR.  September 2013

“Thank you so much for sharing this amazing cozy cabin with us.  We had a deeply relaxing week here taking in the peace and beauty of Lopez.  We enjoyed riding the bikes and cooking island farm-raised vegetables in the kitchen.  The skylight above the bed is amazing—saw a few immature eagles.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect getaway for our honeymoon.”  —Neon & John, Pelham NY,  August 2013

“Amazing weather, excellent biking, rustic cozy cabin, gorgeous beaches, fabulous picnics, cute deer, colorful locals. We decided we can spend another 25 years together if we continue to experience places like Lopez Island.” —Jill & John, Anchorage, Alaska

“Thank you for a lovely stay at this charming cabin.  Can’t wait to come again, Beautiful sunny weather and lovely time.  Thank you.” —Heather and Family. Seattle. July 2013

“Thank you Asha for sharing this charming cabin.  We enjoyed every moment of our stay.  Nature has a way of rejuvenating the soul from the rigors of urban existence.  We look younger by 10 years after staying in the cabin.  Just the perfect hideaway.  See you again- definitely we will.”  —Bob & Amy, Lynnwood, WA.  June 2013

“What a great spot to spend the 6th birthday of our oldest son.  Both our boys had a blast!  We leave dirty, tired, and completely at peace.” —Rich & Family, Buckley, WA April 2013

“It only took the drive up here to shake off the city! What a fun place.  Like sleeping in a tree house- counting stars.  We don’t want to leave this morning.  Waking up being kissed by the sun, counting stars by the light of the moon.  Like glorious love. We will be back.” — Devra & Jehna   Shoreline, WA.  March 2013

“This was exactly what we were looking for.  Thank you for the great get-a-way.  We can’t bring ourselves to leave this adorable cabin.  Keep up the good work.” —Lucas, Seattle. March 2013

“Excellent cabin
Beautiful beaches for hikes
Will bring friends next time”
—Haiku by Sam & Erica, Seattle  Jan 2013

“A time and place of joy and healing, laughter and tears, whispers and wonders.  Embraced by vast silence, nature provided the perfect setting for this lovely little home.  Amazed and amused by every shadow and texture, every turn in the road, every bend in the trail, every smile and twinkle of the eye.  Thank you Asha for this place of simple solace and beautiful bonding.” —Sue & Ralph, Seattle, Jan 2013